PCB Global FAQs
Frequently Asked Questions.

Can I use my own courier to ship my PCB order?
Yes, please ensure you advise the Courier name and account number on the Special Instructions.
What payment methods do PCB Global accept for my PCB order?
We accept Visa, Mastercard, Paypal & Bank Transfer; just follow the prompts when processing your order
How will I know when to expect delivery of my PCB order?
We will email an air way bill tracking number that you can monitor and view on-line
What do I do when my PCB design is outside the PCB Global on-line capabilities specifications?
Simply email your PCB file and we will arrange a rapid custom quotation
What is the minimum and maximum size of your finished PCB?
Minimum 10 x 30 mm as a single unit
Maximum 570 x 1080 mm- Immersion Gold Finish
500 x 600 mm - HASL
How do I re-order an existing PCB that was already supplied by PCB Global?
Simply login to find a detailed list of your previous Printed Circuit Board part numbers
What design files can PCB Global accept to manufacture the PCB's?
Protel, Altium, and Gerber
How long does DHL Express shipping take?
Generally 2-3 days to USA, Europe and throughout South East Asia, in the more remote parts of the world it can take up to 4-5 days
When does the first working day commence for all the delivery options?
We service over 100 countries across all 24 time zones worldwide. Day 1 commences the day after you process your order.
How can I be sure the quality will be to my high standards?
Our manufacturing facility has UL, ISO 9001:2008 and TS16949 Automotive approval, if for any reason you believe the PCB’s do not meet the quality criteria for IPC-600C-H Class 2 we will gladly remake the PCB’s or give you a full refund upon return of the PCB’s
What is PCB Global's standard router tool for panel routing?
2.0mm router is used for panel routing and general profile routing
What is PCB Global's minimum silkscreen component legend line and height?
The minimum width is 5mil and the minimum height is 28mil
What is PCB Global's minimum annular ring?
Minimum annular ring is 8mil, so for a 10mil (0.25mm) hole the minimum annular ring is 8mil (0.2mm) which equates to a 26mil (0.66mm) pad.
Are there any Minimum Order Quantities?
Initial prototype orders DO NOT have any MOQ’s
Repeat orders for Prototypes do have a dollar value MOQ as per following;

2 layer – US$125.00
4 layer – US$225.00
6 layer – US$275.00
8 layer – US$375.00
10 layer – US$395.00
12 layer – US$495.00
14 layer – US$545.00
16 layer – US$620.00
18 layer – US$695.00
20 layer – US$750.00

Example: - if you initially ordered 5pcs of a 6 layer PCB at US$12.50 each and you require another batch of the same revision PCB again, for US$275.00 you will receive 22pcs