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PCB Global standard multi-layer Printed Circuit Board layer stack up is predominantly made up of three components with varying thicknesses of Copper Foil, Pre-preg and Copper clad FR4 laminates as cores.

The Standard Copper thickness in particular for all the FR4 Core Inner Layers is generally 35um (1oz), this  can be easily varied to 18um (0.5oz) – 70um (2oz) – 105um (3oz) if required.

Increasing the Copper thickness to 70um or Higher will naturally depend on the printed circuit board design in respect to Trace/Space clearances, these can be viewed on PCB Global‘s Capabilities – www.pcbglobal.com/capabilities .

All the PCB Global Standard Multi-layer stack up can be varied and detailed to suit not only specific finished thicknesses but more importantly specific calculated impedance control requirements for RF applications.

If you have a special requirement for a finished thickness or impedance please email PCB Global the details and we can recommend a multi-layer stack up to suit.

PCB Global offer these FR4 laminates and pre-preg’s in standard TG materials – TG=130/140 as well high TG materials TG=170.



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