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It is common practice that PCB Global’s Computer Aided manufacturing (CAM) Engineering department will invariably have a few Engineering Questions, also know as, EQ’s to confirm. One example of a typical EQ concerning V-Cut Through Tooling Holes is shown below:

V-Cut Through Tooling Holes

EQ from CAM:

V-grooving lines cutting through the tooling holes on the tooling strips.


The customers panellised files were set up with the v-grooving cutting through the tooling holes. V-grooving must be designed to avoid cutting through tracks, pads, holes and all copper plane areas. As a rule, it is best to have all v-cuts on bare fibreglass only (see below).


With confirmation from our customer both these two tooling holes were moved 10mm to the left to avoid the v-cut.

For further tips and information when designing and laying out your printed circuit board design file please do not hesitate to contact our PCB Global team at sales@pcbglobal.com

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