PCB Global Material

FR4 TG=170 / FR4 TG=180 / FR4 TU-862 / FR4 TU-768 / Rogers / Arlon 85N / Polyimide Flex / Nelco N4000 / Teflon / Taconic / Megatron 6 / FR408HR / Isola / Panasonic Polyimide/

Panasonic Felios Flex

Panasonic FELIOS Adhesiveless Flexible Laminates are the ideal choice for technically advanced Multilayer, Rigid-flex, Double and Single sided applications. FELIOS Flex is an engineered, all Polyimide Substrate with premium copper foil bonded on two sides.

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Peters Peelable Soldarmask

The peelable soldermask SD 2955 is a particularlary heat resisitant 1-pack screen-printable ink that can be easily peelaed off like a film before or after soldering leaving no residues.

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Rogers RO4450B and RO4450F Prepregs

RO4000 dielectric materials have long been used in combination with FR4 cores and prepreg as a means to achieve a performance upgrade of standard FR4 multilayer designs. RO4003Cand RO4350Bglass reinforced hydrocarbon/ceramic laminates have been used in layers where operating frequency, dielectric constant, or high-speed signal requirements dictate the need for high performance materials.

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  • Tg 140 °C (DSC)
  • UV Blocking/AOI Compatible
  • Excellent mechanical processability

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  • Free of constituents such as halogen, antimony, red phosphorous, ect. No toxic gas emission and no hazard residue during waste combustion
  • Excellent mechanical processability and thermal resistance, lead free process compliancy

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